Saturday, 31 January 2015

Welcome Dinner at Raffles

Just couldnt resist a last midnight (1.25am) feast at Raffles..
We will pay for it tomorrow!!!

Rally Books, Maps & De briefings

Route Books, Maps and Trip Metre all present and correct. 
We have all been debriefed and now off for Pre-Dinner drinkees on 'The Lawn' followed by The Welcome Dinner in the Ballroom at Raffles.. How Splendid :))

It has been a slow pace day fiddling about with the new trip and meeting up  with old friends and their pride and joys.
Everyone seems excited now and ready for the off..

Friday, 30 January 2015

24 Hour Countdown!!!

At precisely 9.01am tomorrow - Sunday 1st February 2015 we will leave Raffles Hotel and head for the Malaysian Border.

Raffles is now buzzing with excitement and anticipation. The locals and tourists alike are snap happy over the cars parked out front. 

Raffles staff said they have never seen anything like it before!! 

Joerg Lemberg being directed neatly into place..

Martin & Joerg catching up with the local gossip

Last Dip into 'Infinity'

Back at Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool for my last swim.. Making the most of my  'ticket'...

6.30am it looked like this. I thought it would be quiet and still but it was alive with people taking in the views and some daring to take the plunge!
Some tend to keep their clothes on and just wade in clipping away..

It was cold yesterday at mid day but this morning Brrrrr even chillier.. Once you get submerged and going tiz very refreshing.
Lanes are set up from 6-8am so that was great news. 

I had a little moan to the Lifeguards complaining that it wasnt actually a 150 metre pool as it was sectioned off into 3 with concrete blocks between the 3 sections. I asked them why they hadnt left a narrow channel between the section so you could trickle through into the next pool. They said it was the supporting walls of the structure lol
So actually this 150 metre pool is a 40 & 70 & 40 pool lol

I do enjoy a good moan in the morn..

So this is the 70 metre section..

The 40 metre section..

And lastly the 40 metre one..

Last look from Room 4703.

Looks like the shadows of 3 x 'Christ Redeemer' lol

Now back to Raffles for breakfast i suppose and then unpack and pack again and get organised for tomorrow..

Sunday February 1st 9.01am we will be off to the Malaysian Border..

Itala safely back at the hotel

Scrutineering over with and all boxes checked..

Now heading back to the hotel with my new 'tripmaster' 
yikes how do you switch it on??

Lots of monstrosities together!!

Safely back at Raffles..

The support units seemed to be busy on the route back!!
It was only 24 kms to drive back to Raffles from the warehouse but some of the old dears didnt like being caged for weeks and then set free onto the highways in the heat and traffic.. :-(

Midnight Feast at Raffles :))) 

Yum yum lol

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Marina Bay Sands Infinity Pool on a cloudy day.

View from Room 4703 :)))))
Shame its a cloudy day..

Pano View from Room 4703

Singapore is drowning...

I have to say i feel quite let down by this so called 150 metre pool. I was led to believe that you would be able to swim the whole 150 metres but they have sectioned off into 3. So you can only actually swim 50 metres at a time. So i was very disapponted :((
It was the most expensive swim i have ever had!!!

The taxi driver told me it took 2 years to build the whole monstrosity and the locals arent happy with the place. He said 'they' only look after the gamblers there for obvious reasons...

Singapore City Tour Bus

Today we decided to play real Tourists and 'took in' the sights of Singapore by a superb form of transport known as the double decker bus :))

And what an interesting day we had...
As you can see David couldnt hold back the excitement!!

Please Note the 'Marina Bay Sands Hotel' in the sky.. Which we later visited and had a spot of lunch on the 57th floor.

The Singapore Flyer

View from the 57th floor..

Marina Bay Sands Hotel's Infinity Pool which i am hoping to take a dip in tomorrow. 150 Metres long so just a quick 10 lengths will do me.. 

Lunch in the sky - 57 floors up...
Or rather David deciding what 'low             alkaline'  delight he should indulge in..

Ahhhh delicious coconut water - to die for or rather 'to live for' as my grand daughter says!

The Mona Lisa's....

There she stands next to the Singapore Flyer..

China Town lol


And safely back home in time for a quick change and a Singapore Sling before supper..

But it will all change tomorrow...
Car Collection 3pm prompt!!!